About Us

PaltonLoitte & Associates are thoroughbred wealth building professionals offering a one-stop shop for world class real estate management services. We are experts at selling, letting, and managing landed assets for the most optimal returns on investments and an ever-increasing-never-ending prosperity for all our stakeholders.

We are a member of Nigeria’s leading Real Estate Investment Group, Palton Morgan Holdings.Our strength lies in a unique combination of first class expertise, cutting edge technology, and an extensive industry knowledge that is unrivaled in the Nigerian real estate sector.

We boast the best team of qualified real estate service specialists with the requisite experience to profitably nurture and manage our clients’ properties through their life cycles.

At PaltonLoitte, we take our professional remit beyond merely protecting our clients’ investments. Using a uniquely efficient knowledge-based, innovative approach that is configured for service excellence and customer satisfaction, our unique practice guarantees high profitability by delivering maximal returns of cash flow and sustained increase in value, each and every time.


VISION: Our goal is to ensure clients’ total satisfaction by providing the most profitable solutions in property-related services.

MISSION : Our mission is to facilitate and sustain the economic advancement of the Nation through global Property-related services that deliver optimal profitability and sustainable value appreciation using cutting edge technology, experienced human resources, and a knowledge driven mastery of the operating environment.

VALUE PROPOSITION :  The number one essence of our existence as a real estate management company is the guarantee of…

“First class returns on first class propertied investments and assets”